Flashing Lights – New Emergency Simulator

Welcome to Flashing Lights, an online multiplayer-focused emergency services simulator!

Excalibur Games has partnered up with the fresh talent that is developer Nils Jakrins, to publish Flashing Lights in Early Access towards the start of 2018.

You'll be able to enlist with one of three emergency services - police, fire and EMS - which are all fully simulated with their own missions and mechanics. Best of all, you'll be able to team up with your friends online, and split yourself up between the departments at will, to tackle the dangers that face Flashing Lights' open world city.

Check out the trailer below:

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Tonya Burgess on

What is the content rating/ recommended age group for this game?

Jeffrey Luck on

I would like to know if there will be a date I can get this ASAP for PS4. Can you get back to me ASAP?.

Jeffrey Luck on

There is a need for speed most wanted video game that people can play as the police with the car changer mod. Sadly this only works on PC. I have a console and a PC Sony and my PC cannot use the car changer mod and there is no way to do that. And my PC cannot download the game. I have Need For Speed Most Wanted for PS3 but my console can’t use the car changer mod and there is no way to do that. I’ve been looking for a LONG TIME!!!!!! for a game that i could play as police. Dear Excalibur Staff, Can you PLEASE!!!!!!! PORT OR CONNECT THIS GAME (FLASHING LIGHTS) TO PS4S?

James - Excalibur Staff on

Hi Maxwell,

Thanks very much for the message! We are honoured to hear from real firefighters such as yourself. We are considering bringing the game to consoles at some point, but console versions are sadly not confirmed for the time being.


Maxwell Hayes on

Hey Guys,

Saw a preview of this game on YouTube and it looks amazing. As a firefighter myself I am so hyped to see this however I only have Xbox. Pkease bring this to console ASAP this is such an amazing game and I’d love to have a simulator that does us firefighters justice!

Have an amazing day guys and keep up the great work!

Ben on

Hey, im super excited about this game releasing to pc. Its nice to finally have a first responder simulator that goes into depth with the every day job of first responders. Im also looking forward to seeing the progress of this game as it is only an alpha release currently.
Only thing i would like to see in the alpha right now is optimization for Mac. Its pretty slow right now and its hard to play. But other than that im really stoked to see where this game goes.

Cj on

Is it comeing to Xbox one

James - Excalibur Staff on

Hi Tristin,

The game is not currently in development for PS4, but it is possible that we will port the game to consoles at a later date. Nothing to confirm, however.

Tristin on

Is this game comeing for ps4

James - Excalibur Staff on

Hi Fabian – thanks for the kind words and questions!

1) About the vehicle interiors, indeed they will be worked on. At the moment some vehicles have WIP interiors or none, like ambulance currently just has a shape to sit in and use first person camera – these will be worked on and improved throughout Early Access.

2) Yes, the EMS gameplay will be given more depth throughout Early Access.

Fabian on

I am pretty excited for this game but I still have two questions left, I hope you can answer them for me:

1. Will the car interiors get reworked/updated? I mean I like the game but its like just black. Especially in the ambulance it Looks akward. Also will there be other cars for the different Services after Early Access or propably even in early Access?

2. Will the medical System get like deeper?

adrian on


James - Excalibur Staff on

Hi Robert! You can pre-order Flashing Lights here: https://www.excalibur-publishing.com/products/flashing-lights

Hey Thomas! We would love to, but there’s nothing to confirm just yet. Only a PC version is in production.

Thomas Richard on

Do you plan to release this on consoles? I’m really hoping you are!

Robert on

When will this be available for download on PC?

James Clements on

Hi there. Flashing Lights will release in Early Access next year, and we will have the game on sale digitally via this website when it becomes available. Keep an eye on our blog for updates!

Tyler Andrew Loveland on

where can i buy this game at or where is this game available at? i checked amazon, and i really really want this game. looks really good.

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