Flashing Lights Out Now in Early Access!

Hello officers, medics and firefighters! 

Flashing Lights has just launched in Early Access. Play as a police officer, medic or firefighter in single player, or online with up to five other people. We hope that you join us, have fun with the game and offer some feedback!

Watch the trailer here:

As this is an Early Access launch, there is much more to come. We have put together a list of upcoming content that will be worked on during the Early Access period. This is by no means a complete Early Access roadmap, but just a taste of what we are working on. The roadmap will be updated throughout Early Access.

We are already working on the first update which contains the following additions and enhancements.

New Content

  • 3 new vehicle accident fire callouts for the fire department [Call ID 15; 16; 17]
  • 2 new rescue callouts for the fire department (single player only) [Call ID 18; 19]
  • 5 new callouts for the EMS department [Call ID 18; 19; 20; 21; 22]
  • Password option for multiplayer games - meaning that you will be able to make private multiplayer games and give your friends the password to join the game.
  • Spanish translation

We want to thank everyone who has shown their support for the game so far and a massive thank you to those who joined us during the Alpha testing period. 

This is just the beginning and we hope that many of you will follow the development, sharing your feedback and suggestions.

Happy launch day,
The Flashing Lights Team

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