City Bus Simulator - Munich




The modern successor to the bestseller Citybus Simulator 2010 – New York, City Bus Simulator - Munich includes the complete line 100 also known as “the Museenlinie”. Starting in front of the Hauptbahnhof (central station), there are 22 museums and sights right next to the street along the way to the final destination Münchner Ostbahnhof (Munich East).

The faithfully represented course of the road has been recreated with an unbelievable, visual attention to detail. For the first time, the bus technology follows a real-world training simulator, so the handling gets as close to reality as it has never been before.

All operational elements of the driver’s workplace are fully functional. The original Munich co-pilot (electronic assistant) supports the bus driver at his daily work and controls. If desired, all passenger information, for example the passenger monitor, the destination display, the announcements will be handled by the assistant.

The OCC User Interface allows central access to the whole game at any time. Bus defects and malfunctions on the bus can be simulated in various ways.

Features of City Bus Simulator Munich: 

  • Highly detailed original MAN Lion´s City Bus with numerous operable elements in three model variants 
  • Newly developed vehicle management resulting in a never before seen level of reality 
  • Optional or automated malfunction device to simulate breakdowns and malfunctions 
  • Tuning options for the engine and fine tuning for the propulsion system 
  • Interactive Traffic Director 
  • Realistic simulation of the line 100 = Museum Line 
  • More than 43 original sightseeing spots throughout the city 
  • Munich copilot 
  • OCC (Operations Control Center) 
  • Interactive radio communication with the dispatch center 
  • Original announcements 
  • Bonus: test ground scenery 


System Requirements

Operating System Windows Vista / 7 / 8
Processor Intel 2.8 Ghz or greater
Memory 4 GB system memory
Graphics Dedicated graphics card with 512 MB memory
Hard Drive 5 GB available space
Please Note

Internet connection required for activation